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Some Django applications use Model Mommy in unit tests:

Upstream, model mommy has been renamed model bakery:

Model Bakery is a rename of the legacy model_mommy’s project. This is because the project’s creator and maintainers decided to not reinforce gender stereotypes for women in technology. You can read more about this subject here

Hence: and

So this is a heads-up to all those using Debian for their Django unit tests. Model Mommy will no longer get updates upstream, so model mommy will not be able to support Django4. Updates will only be done, upstream, in the Model Bakery package which already supports Django4.

Bakery is not a drop-in replacement. Model Bakery includes a helper script to migrate:

This is being packaged in /usr/share/ in the upcoming python3-model-bakery package.

It is a tad confusing that model-mommy is at version 1.6.0 but model-bakery is at version 1.4.0 but that only reinforces that Django apps using Model Mommy will need editing to move to Model Bakery.

I'll be using the migration script for a Freexian Django app which currently uses Model Mommy.

Once Model Bakery reaches bookworm, I plan to do a backport to bullseye. Then I'll file a bug against Model Mommy. Severity of that bug will be increased when Django4 enters unstable (the 4.0 dev release is currently in experimental but there is time before the 4.2 LTS is uploaded to unstable).

Model Bakery is in NEW and Salsa

Update: Django 4.2 LTS would be the first Django4 release in unstable.