A bit of news on the development of OpenTAC - the Open Hardware Test Automation Controller. I've talked about this at the MiniDebConf 2014 in Cambridge. (Video available). The development is being tracked on the Vero-Apparatus wiki and as this is Open Hardware, the files are attached to the wiki (All files are CC BY-SA 4.0).

Andy completed the schematics at the start of November, allowing work to start on the routing. With routing completed, orders were placed for manufacture of the first PCBs on the 19th December 2014. Whilst waiting for the PCBs to arrive we're working on the device tree database (my first real experience with creating a device tree) which will underpin the PDU and serial console services available to the user as well as the admin interface for control of the USB subsystems, fan control, power control and thermal monitoring. The first thing we need to do is create a data dictionary - a table to correlate software identifiers with the real hardware pins. We'll then follow that through with a default device tree overlay that will leave all the associated I/O lines in a safe initial state.

Once we have some code, I'll be pushing to a branch on GitHub. We've also got an internal git repo on vero-apparatus for OpenTAC files which we will add to in due course.

Image of the board as rendered prior to prototype production:


More to come once we have the hardware on the desk.