After patches from Petter, add foreign architecture support and picking up some scripting from freedombox, I've just built a Debian unstable image using the ARMMP kernel on Beaglebone-black.

A few changes to vmdebootstrap will need to go into the next version (0.3), including an example customise script to setup the u-boot support. With the changes, the command would be:

sudo ./vmdebootstrap --owner `whoami` --verbose --size 2G \
--mirror --log beaglebone-black.log \
--log-level debug --arch armhf --foreign /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static \
--no-extlinux --no-kernel --package u-boot --package linux-image-armmp \
--distribution sid --enable-dhcp --configure-apt \
--serial-console-command '/sbin/getty -L ttyO0 115200 vt100' \
--customize examples/ --bootsize 50m \
--boottype vfat --image bbb.img

Some of those commands are new but there are a few important elements:

  • use of --arch and --foreign to provide the emulation needed to run the debootstrap second stage.
  • drop extlinux and install u-boot as a package.
  • linux-image-armmp kernel
  • new command to configure an apt source
  • serial-console-command as the BBB doesn't use the default /dev/ttyS0
  • choice of sid to get the latest ARMMP and u-boot versions
  • customize command -- this is a script which does two things:
    • copies the dtbs into the boot partition
    • copies the u-boot files and creates a u-boot environment to use those files.
  • use of a boot partition -- note that it needs to be large enough to include the ARMMP kernel and a backup of the same files.

With this in place, a simple dd to an SD card and the BBB boots directly into Debian ARMMP.

The examples are now in my branch and include an initial cubieboard script which is unfinished.

The current image is available for download. (222Mb).

I hope to upload the new vmdebootstrap soon -- let me know if you do try the version in the branch.